Step ahead with “issak”
Traveldata Inc., a notable IT solution provider for the travel industry, with its state-of-the-art technology, has launched a cloud-based ASP service named ” issak ” in August, 2010. “issak” enables clients to sell their travel related products on a dedicated multi-channel Internet sales platform utilizing a combination of cloud computing and strategic ERP platform provided by Amazon EC2 and, respectively, intended for an accelerated online selling. “issak” fully supports their online selling activities from A to Z with turn-key operation functionality. Despite the short period of time since the August introduction, “issak” has already captured more than 10 clients including some of the top travel agencies in the domestic market. This may well prove that the whole industry is now in quest for such a smart solution for more proactive and effective online selling of travel related products and services.

All you need for online selling comes in all-in-one, turn-key functionality
You need to cover a whole range of business and system requirements to achieve successful selling on the Net, from inventory control, booking management, customer relationship to other support operations, which are all prerequisite. Only few companies are positioned to build such a rich proprietary infrastructure. But “issak” enables every small-to-middle travel companies to take advantage of a full-line online selling platform to step ahead with competition.“issak” not only provides these basic functions prerequisite for online selling but supports ancillary functions such as recommendation, information feeding, and blog communications through its travel portal site, “issak market street” where any “issak” user is automatically registered to sell products there.

Expanding business opportunities through multiple channels
“issak”enhances your business opportunities by offering triple-layered sales channels; customize-able B2C web site.B2B web site for your sales affiliates, and “issak market street”, an innovative travel portal site run by “issak”. With only one-time data entry, you will be able to put your desired products on sale at these different channels simultaneously. Thus “issak” enables you to start effective online sellingwithout hustle.

Multiple language and currency
Selling under different language or currency environments always presents you a headache.“issak” enables you to operate under a multi-language environment where you can select any language that fits your target clients, to name few, English, Chinese and Korean. Also, by registering foreign currency exchange information to “issak”, you can complete your transaction with your customer in designated foreign currency such as USD, Yuan, and Won.

Built-in business process support software
Taking advantage of our cumulative know-how and longtime trust from clientele in the field of travel business support system developments, we have successfully enhanced “issak” with strong business process support functions. This helps you reduce your time and labor costs on inventory control, customer relationship management, booking management, and documentation works. Also, as an optional service, “issak” offers you an interface with external data sources such as GDSs and hotel systems through API XML Data service.

Low cost operation and quick start
“issak” is primarily designed for small-to-medium travel related companies with a limited budget for online selling. Thus a full-service package starts as low as JPY30,000 a month (1 user account) plus variable service fee charged on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. No introduction charge (up-front or initial fee) is required. Also, minimum lead time to starting operation is only 3 days after application.